Chandler Warrington

And Nothing But The Truth

8 December
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Name: Chandler Warrington
House: Slytherin
Year: 6th

Brief description of appearance: Short wispy brown hair, bright blue eyes. He is actually quite a handsome boy, but a genuine smile will rarely be seen upon his face.

Personality: Chandler is not one to care what others think, do, feel, or exist in general. He is very indifferent to his surroundings, however, if he has a formulated opinion about something in particular, he will be the first to state it. It matters not to him how hurtful or belligerent it may be. He's very blunt and truthful in this sense, and so may have trouble making friends. It's all well and good, as he prefers solitude. If he truly wants something he wills top at nothing and use every talent he possesses to achieve it. Unfortunately, when he's angry, it is quite apparent. He's known to be quite tempermental and even violent when he's upset, although it is a rare occurance. He'd usually prefer not to let anything bother him. He doesn't question things. He goes with the flow. He also tends to have a superiority complex, believing that others are foolish for caring about miniscule things.

Strengths: (Both character and academic strengths): Chandler has a quick wit and is very intellegent, and uses it to his advantage. He excells in most subjects without trying, most because he refuses to question "why they need to know this." They just do. His answer would be "To pass." He is honest (most of the time) and extremely ambitious.

Weaknesses: Although honesty is often a good thing, Chandler often doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. His indifference can also make him seem as if he cares not about anything, leaving his peers thinking he is hostile. His anger may get him into trouble. Tends to believe he is above others. His phobia for germs and meticulous qualities tend to turn people off.

Background/Family: Parents: Cassandra(stay-at-home) and Alexander(Ministry worker). Birthday: December 8th. --Chandler was an only child, brought up in a pureblood household in Scotland where the usual Pureblood ethics were taught. As a child, Chandler was very energetic and exciteable. He has been forced to take etiquitte lessons from the age of four, until the present, where he attends during the summer. His parents always urged him to keep the house neat, often entertaining guests, and therefore never allowing even the slightest mess. Since he was a child he was told to slow down, clean up, act proper. For that reason, he becomes very involved in Quidditch when he's playing - it's the one time he's allowed to be a child. Chandler's parents also have a girl in mind for him back home, and urge him to see her every time he returns from school.